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Dance Classes and Ballet Classes in Dorchester that support, train and encourage young dancers to maximise their potential, whilst exploring creative opportunities


Every child has a dream and many want to be the next ballerina, professional dancer or famous performer. GCA takes their dream on board and nurtures this to develop their passion.

Dancer, teacher, choreographer and many other areas of the performing arts are accessible to the children of today who make dance part of their life. Your child is supported every step of the way and encouraged to take that leap into the spotlight.

Your gift from us!

Welcome to the Dorchester dance school that cares about giving you the best. The best training, the best experience and the best pathways for progression. Classes start for children as young as 3 years old and we nurture them all the way through their teenage years too. To join a class, we’re giving you a complimentary first lesson as a gift from us!

Contact us to book your first lesson.


Your first lesson is your first step to achieving your goals, all while becoming part of the GCA family. From here, the harder you work, the more opportunities you will get and the more you will achieve.

We recognise passion, dedication and motivation as important qualities in dancers, so we make sure to reward it.

What you are saying about

Grace Classical Arts

Dance Classes in Dorchester


Ballet Classes in Dorchester

Daisy is looking so elegant, I’m really pleased with her progress!

Hannah, mum of a 5 year old dance student

You are the best ballet teacher in the world

Theo, 8 years old.

You have an analytical eye, not everybody does.

Miss Elizabeth Goodchild – my ballet teacher.

Naomi was really happy that she could finally do cartwheels with her legs straight and was so proud of herself. Talking about it the whole way home. Thank you!

You’re a great teacher” Grace, mum of a 5 year old dance student

It’s a shame there’s not a choreographers award, because you’d definitely get it.

Rhiannon, grade 6 ballet.

Thank you for being the best ballet teacher in the whole world

Tansy and Millie, Grade 2 and Starlet

Fabulous results, really proud. Thank you for all the hard work with them Allanha

Marie, mum of a 9 year old dance student

Very proud of all three girls and very thankful to their super supportive and nurturing ballet teacher

Jodie, Mum of an 8 year old old dance student

Well done Allanha!!! Super great teacher!

Katy, fellow dance and ballet teacher

Our Dance & Ballet Classes Dorchester


The perfect first steps for your little ballerina. Children learn movement, co-ordination and musicality, all while going on magical adventures with lots of fun props. Best of all, the boost to their confidence is unbelievable!

As well as learning our good toes and naughty toes, this program is designed to help them settle in to pre-school. Sitting with their legs crossed, waiting their turn, standing in a circle or line and following the leader are key skills.

Children can start as early as 3 years old.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance and is the most important class for your young dancer to be successful in any genre required for the performing arts world.

Technique, strength and artistry are important elements taught by an experienced and qualified teacher. Your child’s confidence will be nurtured and a mesmerising ability to perform to the audience will make you beyond proud.

Children can start as early as 5 years old.


With the dance world being taken over by high level tricks, we are a school that embraces this development and teaches your child to be able to perform those amazing aerials on stage, making sure they progress safely and when they are ready. You’d be surprised how much strength and flexibility they gain even after a term of lessons.

Children can start as early as 4 years old.

Where talent is discovered

Grace Classical Arts was founded upon the idea that all children deserve high quality training and are then able to use their knowledge and skills far beyond the foundations of the studio. We provide a dance education that children enjoy and can make use of as an adult. To us, quality is of top priority. We make sure to continuously educate ourselves, attend CPD courses and ensure all children receive the best available. GCA wants to make sure we have an active part in a child’s life and the skills that we equip them with will be remembered for years to come.

The school was founded in 2015 and has grown from strength to strength since. We offer exams as a mark of achievement of a young dancer’s progression, but we also understand that there is much more to life than exams.

Our focus is on each individual dancer and the goals they have set themselves. We train for a career, improved lifestyle and a love of the art. We know that how and why you dance matters more.

If you would like further information about our timetable, classes or would like to watch a class in action, please feel free to get in touch at to find out more.


Quality education is important to us and therefore ensuring all areas of the school achieve excellence is an important mission for us.


A passionate teacher leads to passionate students who enjoy dance and thrive in a creative environment.

Together we succeed

Working together brings out the best results.

Always one step ahead

To provide the best, we have to work hard. As teachers, our training is ongoing and we make sure we are progressing with the times.