About Us

Grace Classical Arts was founded in 2015 by Allanha Tucker with the aim of providing children with as many opportunities as possible for high quality training without having to constantly travel out of area. In my years as a student, I could never get enough in this town, so GCA is a school that aims to provide students with more than enough. If a student wants to take ballet or dance seriously, we do our best to make sure they can.

Feel free to email us if you would like further information on any of classes, would like a copy of our timetable, enrolment availability or simply would like to watch a class in action.

  • We are a school that encourages those to pursue their dreams.
  • Our timetable provides children with a large variety of classes. GCA allows students to spread their wings.
  • We provide the option of exams, but also know that dance is so much more.
  • Outside performance opportunities are encouraged, in fact teachers will actively find them for students.

Allanha Tucker RAD RTS, AAC1

Principal – RAD Ballet, Acrobatics Arts, Progressing Ballet Technique and Starlets.

Allanha discovered her love of dance while training under Miss Elizabeth Goodchild in Dorchester. She was fortunate enough to be mentored through private tuition and gained an incredibly detailed eye during the many years with her. Miss Goodchild has been a major part of Allanha’s life and will always inspire her to continue to improve in teaching and dancing.

Allanha advanced through the RAD vocational grades, as well as ISTD Modern and Tap vocationals.

Alongside this, Allanha performed for many years with South Coast Ballet, a company founded by Caron Yardley, where she performed many roles in various ballets. One of the favourite roles played had to be the Wicked Step Mother from Snow White. Many great memories were made in this company.

Having built a solid foundation of technique and performance, she went on to qualify as a registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance and teach ballet.

Since then, Allanha has become qualified to teach Acrobatic Arts and has gained certification in Progressing Ballet Technique. Her favourite artist is Steven McCrae…have you seen him jump?!

photographer Jason Kernan

Grace Classical Arts is built on the following values.

  • Making a difference and changing the local dance community for the better, one step at a time.
  • Collaberation – Teamwork is essential. We all support each other and celebrate one another’s achievements.
  • Excellence in training and the studio. We strive to make sure excellence is happening everywhere.
  • Students and teachers enjoy being part of GCA. Enjoyment encourages passion, determination and commitment.
  • Motivation to achieve.
  • We are always one step ahead – the first in the area to bring Acrobatic Arts and Progressing Ballet Technique in to the timetable.
  • Mastery – Technique is our foundation.
  • Aim high and reach for the stars.
  • Express and create.

We would love to have you join us!