Starlets – Ballet for 3-5 year olds.

This is the class where the magic happens and your little 3-5 year old gets to explore, imagine and create the adventures they go on. It is important that your child starts using their imagination as young as possible in ballet and also gets a feel for some of the early technique, such as knowing what their good toes are.

Of course, Starlets includes lots of props!

They will love the pom-poms, ribbons and wings. You will find it very rewarding to watch your little one grow in confidence over the months!

RAD Ballet for 6-18 year olds

 These classes are where children and teenagers achieve results. We know that ballet technique is the foundation of all dance and we make sure your child dances safely and to an excellent standard.

RAD ballet is great for those wanting a career in dance or for those who just love ballet! Either way, there is the opportunity to take exams for those who want to set themselves goals. A holistic approach is important in all our classes as an understanding for why we dance in certain ways is just as important as being able to do it.

 RAD provides the progressions for the appropriate age groups to ensure children feel challenged as well as experience enjoyment for the art.

Acrobatic Arts for 4-18 year olds

How many times have you seen tricks and flips in the dance world? You only have to look on social media or the popular dance shows on television. Acrobatic Arts gives children the chance to work safely up to all these amazing skills.

Aerials, back handsprings and hand balancing are all trained from the beginning and with progressions that keeps the health and safety of the body in mind. We make sure to train their body for a long and healthy life of dance.

 Acro dance is more important than ever if you want to keep up with the dance world.

Progressing Ballet Technique for 7-18 year olds

There are many children with the dream of performing on stage and we know that the best way to get on that pathway is through extra training. PBT is ballet with a twist!

Students use yoga balls, resistance bands and various other types of equipment to locate deep muscles and be able to activate them for class.

Technique is hard and this program helps students feel the muscles and then be able to use them more affectively in class. Posture, feet, arms, turnout will all improve. In fact, everything will improve and the difference in those that train in PBT as well as their ballet class is simply incredible. This class is for the more dedicated student who wants to train at a higher level.